Why Work with Mischel LeeBoyd?

“Using experiential techniques, I invite you into your own spiritual experience.”
~ Mischel LeeBoyd

Yep. I’m a Leo.

Are We a Good Match? | Ready to Soar to New Heights?

Why Work with Famous Psychic Medium

This loving greeting means the spirit in me honors the spirit in you… the light in me appreciates the light in you.

Some call me a touch stone… a bridge… a transformational agent, a shaman, a psychic intuitive, a weird tree hugger (ha ha)…

Most know me as a Soul Journey Guide, Hypnotherapist, Best-Selling Author, Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Medium. I love to express myself in ways that keep me true; therefore, I often share personal experiences of rawness and vulnerability that I hope can help others as I go. Here is just a small sampling of my work authored under my legal name Michelle Skaletski-Boyd : Words for the Soul: Heaven-Sent Life Lessons & Conversations with God .

To the best of my knowledge, my soul purpose is to help others with Self empowerment. If this feels like you, it is possibly I am here to help you confidently connect to your intuition, step out of your comfort zone, and allow your true eminence to be revealed.

YOU are a spiritual being, put on this earth to experience your human being-ness.  In other words, you are here to ‘to be’ the greatest and highest ‘you’ possible in your present physical state, and together, we can do by crossing the veil.

BE is defined as “to exist or live”. *

Like a bear withdraws to a cave, you must be willing to go within.

Like a bear moves deep into a cave, to know your Self and all your gifts, you must be willing to go within.

Are We a Good Match?

It’s really too soon to tell, because let’s be honest, we may not be compatible in our frequencies, and we both need to be okay with that.

Because every living being – including you and me – is made up of a certain mathematical vibration, and sometimes when two individuals cross paths, they’re not in harmony.

Ahhh…. yet when two people are in tune, the magic that happens is heavenly!

Just like joyous music to your ears, you may resonate strongest with the heavenly angels, or feel closer to your Self when you go on a Shamanic journey or connect with nature, or swim in the cosmos of pure light. (the list goes on and on…)

To best understand me, think of my frequency as ‘potential’ energy.

POTENTIAL is defined as “possible or capable of being or becoming.” *

In other words, God-Source helps me hold the vibration of potential so that you can re-set your inner compass and re-learn how to experience your Self.

“If you’re ready to gain insight & transform your life, schedule a session with Mischel! I wasn’t sure what to expect, and she put me at ease immediately with her warmth and easy style.  After just 1 session, the insights I gained helped me shift some ‘old patterns’ and feel more connected to my intuition.  Working together more long-term has deepened this ‘inner knowing’ that now guides me daily.” ~ Cynthia M.

I’m sure you’d agree that receiving affirmation and validation is always nice, yet you don’t want to give your power away…

… because there’s a fine line between being Self-empowered and relying on someone else.

So, though I’ll be there to guide you and help you course correct, it’s important you do your own inner-work and follow the guidance you receive.

Mischel and powerful Eagle totem

Ready to Soar to New Heights?

If you’re like me, you keep hearing experts tell you how important it is to ground, to keep your vibration uplifted, to feel your way through the experience, and to ‘act as if’ you’re already there…

Yet there are very few people who can actually show you ‘how’ to do this with proven steps, and even fewer still who can help you know for sure ‘when’ your vibration is aligned to your truth and ‘what’ it viscerally feels like to hold that frequency.

So, I went on a mission to find out.

And what I’ve discovered is that God-Source has given me the gifts of shamanic teachings and intuition so I can help you “feel” what it feels like to truly be connected to your truth.  Yet it only works if you’re willing to come along for the ride.

Others before you have said this…

“Thank you for guiding me through a very remarkable experience.”

“I feel a little more disciplined in spiritual growth after every session.”

“Thanks so much for all that you do to help us all find our way!”

So if you’re still looking to know your own truth, that’s where a Soul-Session comes in.

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Why Work with Famous Psychic Medium

(*Tangible Source – Webster’s Dictionary)