I love that God-Source gave me the gift of being a Soul Journey Guide." width="1" height="1" /> I love that God-Source gave me the gift of being a Soul Journey Guide.

“I love that God-Source gave me the gift of being a Soul Journey Guide.”

“At the start I was doubting, totally analytical, consumed by grief, deep in litigation over my wife’s death and desperate to make contact. Not good material to work with. Michelle was so patient, slowly building my skills and my confidence until eventually the connection was made with my wife. What a moment! I have a long way to go but she has given me such joy and belief in the future, not just for the after life but for right here and now. Thank you.”
~ Chris Tweedy, United Kingdom

“After the session I was in such euphoria I felt very light. I recalled then that I’d read somewhere that some people may feel so because the energy that a spirit brings with itself is of a higher vibration. I felt every cell in my body, that I was made of cells. The following morning when I woke up at 05:00 I noticed that my body felt different, still very light and strangely enough I could breath fully and extremely deeply. Normally I can achieve this only sometime during deep meditation. My brain logically attributed it to an early hour. But soon after this, when I started to chant, which I usually do every morning, I discovered to my big surprise that words could not come out of my throat and chest. I just could not produce a sound. It did not feel unpleasant or scary. I just accepted the fact and continued chanting silently in my mind. Little later, I left home to go to work and while going on the street I noticed again – I couldn’t help noticing it – how deeply and easily I was breathing. It felt as if my chest was completely open and not just air but pure oxygen was entering my body. I have never felt this way this before. My vibration was certainly different. And I am very much sure that my spirit guide was as excited as I was over the connection that we had made. This whole experience was mind blowing for me, and also very special. Such experiences can be life changing. I am so so happy that I have worked with MichelleLee. And there is so much more to discover. Life is absolutely magical!”
~ Sabina (Sweden)

“I was at a very low point having just exited a relationship. I could barely sleep, felt nauseous, and had crying spells consistently. I will always be grateful for Michelle’s help. Not only has my vibration remained high with slight dips here and there, I am able to intuit my higher self and negotiate life with much more ease.”
~ Mindy F. (Florida)

“MichelleLee helped me open my blocked chakras which were causing me to feel worthless and senseless living in this world . . .I’m more confident now with myself. Thank you, MichelleLee.”
~ Ester of Jakarta Indonesia

“Michelle is a gifted hypnotherapist. She made it easy for me to quickly peel away the layers of self-doubt and cynicism. She was especially attuned to what I was experiencing before I could even tell her. I am more peaceful. I feel I am making better choices in my relationships. I feel challenged to take actions that feed my soul and spiritual growth.”
~ Julia from Fairfield, CA

“MichelleLee helped me negotiate the death of my stepfather in a very kind way. He had alzheimer’s and it was a very tough time in our lives. I recommend her service to other’s because she offers a unique perspective that is a great tool to help with life’s twists and turns.”
~ Ellen R, San Diego, CA

Michelle, I wanted to be sure and thank you for your gift. I have four children, and when my son Easton was born, he was perfect. There were no issues with his delivery and he developed normally until he was 11 months old. At that time, I put my “normal” 11 month old baby to bed and he woke me up at 3:30am and he was having a very strange looking seizure. I’d never seen anything like it, and I’m an RN, so I called 911 and after that phone call our lives spiraled out of control.

That initial seizure didn’t stop for a full 24 hours. We were airlifted to a hospital 2 hours away and lived there for a month. During that time Easton was placed in a coma and his body temp cooled to save his brain function. The baby that woke up from that coma was not the one I’d had the month before.

I spent every single day for the next year and a half trying to bring him back with therapies, special diets, and round the clock care, but he continued to have hundreds to thousands of seizures daily no matter what we tried to do to stop them. I allowed myself and my life to cease to exist in order to “keep him alive.”

We found out that Easton had a rare genetic disorder that no one had caught. That diagnosis was Alper’s syndrome and although it causes many issues, the one that hurt the worst was that it made me make a decision to discontinue life support. They removed the breathing tube from his throat while I held him. My beautiful 2 1/2 year old son lay there struggling for breath as I stared at him trying to memorize every line on his face, and every curl in his hair as I knew it would be the last chance I ever got.

The pain following that December 8th day is indescribable. I really saw no reason to continue living. I happened upon your interview with Bob Olson and I was mesmerized. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I could see him again??? No way. Impossible. So, I took a leap of faith and called. I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

After working with you, I did get to see, hear, and HOLD my baby again and ended up receiving so much more. I truly believe that I have a purpose. I’m here to learn a lesson and Easton’s life and death are vital to that lesson. His message was generosity and love. My husband and I know that this is more important than anything else. So, we have small business cards now with his Easton Superman logo and a message to others to simply “love for the sake of loving.” We call them ETOs (Easton Time Out).

Easton Superman and MommyEaston Time Out

We ask that people open a door, comfort someone in need, provide a meal, or pay a stranger’s tab just because people matter. Souls matter, and love is the best way to show that.

I want to thank you for your ETO that you may not even know you’ve been doing. I know that this is a business and it’s how you make your living, but your gift could have gone untapped. You could have ignored your purpose and gone the corporate route. I’m eternally grateful that you didn’t. Yours is a beautiful soul and I feel so honored to have been touched by it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
~ Shannon Z. (Easton Superman’s Mommy)

“Michelle, You are a wonderful person who is doing much good for people and for the planet, and it is an honor to know you and to call you my friend! It was pleasure to interview with you. You were receptive and appreciative throughout my story, and it made it so easy for me to open up even more deeply. Much love and wishes for peace, health and happiness”
~ Bruce Cryer, Past President & CEO of HeartMath®

“MichelleLee is the real deal! I was not only able to connect with my higher self but I was able to trust my intuition , release doubt and build confidence! Michelle is super sweet and her personalized coaching is tailor made for your highest good. At the end of each session you feel relaxed, empowered and in line with YOUR truth. She’s awesome! Thanks MichelleLee.”
~ Riane Lewis

“Something about Michelle made the bells go off in my head. Not sure sure what it was but she just felt right. Michelle gets straight to the point and allows you to connect directly to the parts of your spirit that need to be expressed.”
~ Erika P, Virginia

“The subjects that we worked on were exactly what I needed at that time to move forward.”
~ Debbie, Phoenix, AZ

“I value MichelleLee’s advice as she’s been in contact with my higher-self and has pushed me along – actually better said, to “find myself!” so I can become a better person. She’s intuitive, highly sensitive, hears, talks to other energies and is very confident in herself, and that’s what makes her work so remarkable!!”
~ Joni of Waxahachie, TX

“When working with MichelleLee, you can definitely feel the energy shift even at a distance within the room and within yourself. Since my session and following her advice, I have really seen dramatic changes in my life. She is truly good at touching the soul.”
~ E. Powell, Charlottesville, VA

“I appreciate your beautiful being, and the way you respect everyone/thing.”
~ Meilin from Germany

“My experience with Michelle was very moving. In the session, my struggles were identified, and I was able to work with my guides to help me find peace when I am experiencing sadness, anger or fear. In the session, I learned how to call upon my guides to assist me anytime I need them.”
~ Barb, Green Bay, WI

“MichelleLee, I was so deeply touched by spending such sacred and blessing-filled time with you . . . Because of your loving embrace and fully open spirit, I could viscerally “feel” every person and experience in ways that we were all being lifted to the heights of our spiritual potential . . .Thank you so much for the beauty of your person, the power of your work, and the wonder of your expression!”
~ Mystic and Poet, Dr. Bill Bauman, Ph.D.

“Afterwards I feel centered and recharged.”
~ Inge of Germany

“I have become more open to the fact that I am changing and that this is a good thing. I know I am not alone and the information from you has reached my soul, allowing me to grow and be comfortable with this growth.”
~ Neva from Canada

When I initially I came to Michelle for guidance I had high hopes that I would be able to connect right away with my fiance whom I lost 11 years ago. When our first session was over, however, I was very disappointed and frustrated because that was not the case. After that initial session I felt as if nothing had happened. I was ready to give up, I didn’t think anything would happen on our next sessions either. I didn’t realize that I was being prepared for that deep connection that I yearned for. On my latest session with Michelle the most wonderful thing happened. I had such an amazing experience, I had that connection that I hoped for and more.

I was there with him, the love of my life. It was as if time had stopped for a few minutes. I never could have imagined that the connection would be so real. It truly was what I needed to go on, and I know that I am not alone and he will always be there with me. He also gave me a gift that I will treasure forever.

Thank you Michelle for all your help and guidance through this journey.
~ Sincerely, Ana Davis

“MichelleLee paints lovely images with her words and guides you to a place of peace, insight and calm that improves confidence and clarity. I recommend her highly.”
~ Cynthia M.

“It has been years since my experience with Michelle, and I am still growing from the experience. Her heart is a pure filter that does not water down but amplifies the love and care that she can deliver from our source. Hearing it directly put in such a loving way has forever changed my life. I cannot overstate how much better my life is today.”
~ Karen S., Norfolk, Virginia


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