Soul Journey Guide™ Sessions:

“I am a true nature lover who enjoys guiding others into powerful Soul Journeys.
~ Michelle lee

This smiling Galapagos appears in Michelle lee’s dreams and takes her for a ride.

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Are You Ready for a Soul Session?

Soul Journey Guide™ Sessions have been created for deeper more meaningful connection to the higher realms.

If you’re ready to go deep, then…

Get ready.

If I feel we’re a good match, I AM going to ask you to commit.  (Why else waste our time?)

Get set.

If you’re feeling stuck or on the fence or unable to get to the next level on your own…

Then, prepare to say YES to your Self with the understanding that true transformation takes time.


No longer feel divided and beside your Self!!

The time to take action is NOW!

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“I love how you listened to my son and the messages he asked you to share with me to help me understand how he wanted me to connect with him. That to me was so special. I feel so much love and respect for you, and I am so very grateful for you. Saying the words “thank you” seems so small compared to what you did for my son and I. You brought us back together, and there is no greater gift for a parent than that!

Namaste’ Michelle. My soul truly honors your soul!” ~ Deann from Tampa, Florida

Preparing sacred space

What Exactly Does Michelle lee Do?

By the grace of God-Source, it can sometimes be a little difficult to explain . . .

Some say I am an intuitive and an empath who’s here to help you remember the atmospheric conditions, pressures, and vibrations of higher realms so that you and your spiritual team can help you more easily ascend and descend. Wow.  Crazy, right? 😉

As your Soul journey guide, God-Source helps me merge with your energy field just long enough to help attune you so you can confidently learn ‘how’ to hold a connection with the higher realms while also knowing ‘what’ it feels like to recreate the experience on your own.

“Michelle is able to connect and speak with my spirit guides, which is great coz she knows what she needs to do with me not only based on reading my energy but also under the guidance of my spirit guides.”

~ E. Lucia of India

experiential and spiritual teacher

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

That depends.  Everything I do is done with positive intentions and God-Source love so you can become self-empowered and confident.

Since I am an empath, that means I “feel.” God-Source helps me use my intuition so I know what is needed to reroute the neuron pathway in your brain and reset the circuitry of your field so a realignment occurs in your physical and ethereal energies.

And since it can take a little time, how many sessions depends on your current frequency.

One session often lacks the momentum you’ll need to make it stick.

Most people have a short in their energy field – caused from grief, pent up anger, fear, and even doubt.

Realistically, it often takes more than one session to build up the frequencies.

And, since the process is always cyclical, I always will recommend multiple sessions, scheduled 30-45 days apart which will give you ample time to develop new muscle memories with plenty of practice in-between.

What’s the Best Option for Me?

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No matter which option you choose, get ready to transform!

Whether done online or in-person as a groupHypnosis for Your Soul™ Sessions have been designed to take you to the next level, raise your vibration, ignite your intuition, and allow you to fully know ‘how’ to hold the new frequencies!

Soul Journey Guide™ Sessions come in three varieties. Each are powerful paths to Self Empowerment.

Choose from Higher-Self Connections, Heaven Sent-Awakenings™, and Soul-Felt Timeline Therapy™.

Transformation is defined as “change in form, appearance, nature, or character; metamorphose”. *

I’m deeply appreciative for the experiences in which you guided me.  I am ecstatic to have the experience of my daughter’s loving embrace.  You’ve helped open what was a ‘secret door.’  I have much exploring to do!”

~ Julia, Fairfield, California

Find out if a Soul-Session with Michelle lee is right for you! Take this easy QUIZ to find out.

I’m ready. Now What?

Simply take the first step to commit by clicking on the contact us link below with the full intention of making your Self a priority.

And remember, this is not for everyone. 

God-Source has guided me to work with only those who are willing to go deep, who know how to tow the line, and who understand that sometimes chiseling past blocks and old beliefs is necessary in order to return to flow –> your most natural way of being.

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