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“I remember first connecting to the after-life when I was 4 years old. It was magical and beautiful.  I learned to fly.” ~ Michelle lee

Soul Journey with Me

Higher~Self Connections | Long-Distance Sessions | What to Expect

Higher-Self Connections are a safe, reliable, and relaxing way to access your Higher Self, build your intuition, and connect with the spiritual realm.

Much like a bridge, Michelle lee helps you transition into Self-trust so you can easily move from third-party reliance to a place of knowingness. Trusting God-Source to lead the way, Michelle lee helps you when you are ready to commit and connect with your Higher Self so you can live more in balance and on purpose. She helps open your portal by shedding light on your divine purpose and inner-gifts.

The soul is what anchors both your physical and cosmic body. It is the portal and the pathway to your inner-truth and intuitive knowing.

It’s quite common to question your Self and then get caught up in fears and doubts.

Ask Your Self:

~ Is it time to take things to the next level?

~ How many times have you looked for your purpose yet missed the heavenly signs?

~ How often have you tried to connect on your own and then got stuck or pulled down because of obstacles and fears?

Using the guidance of God-Source and your inner wisdom, you’ll learn ‘how’ to release and let go.

Michelle lee uses her “clear feeling, clear seeing, clear knowing, and clear hearing” to help validate ‘when’ you’re connecting on your own. She receives just enough clues to assist you with your next-step without giving you your answers so you develop full Self- empowerment.

“It’s like meditation only better, because Michelle is there to remove any cluttered thoughts that may get in the way so you can fully relax and go deep.” ~ D. Jackson

Get Ready to Go Deep

A lot like deep sea diving, Michelle lee helps you submerge into Self-trust so you
can easily move from third-party reliance to a place of inner-knowingness.

There is an infinite amount of knowledge that exists between you and your Higher Self, yet often fear becomes the obstacle that prevents you from finding your way.

Michelle lee’s divine purpose is to help you become more consciously aware so you can ‘get over’ your (small) self and cross your inner-bridge with confidence.

~ Harmonize your body and your mind~ Learn to Fully Connect To Your Higher SELF~ Become More Present and Aware~ Face Your Illusive Fears with Love~ Find More Meaning In Your Life~ Discover Your SELF in a Whole New Way


Everything you need to know is deep inside of you.

Allow Michelle lee to help bring clarity into your life by being your guide and lovingly illuminating your Higher Self.

Higher-Self Connections are fully customized and may include release work, muscle testing/kinesiology, aroma therapy/essential oils, dream analysis, color, sound, or light therapies, Reiki, and uplifting mind-guided imagery.

Working with your energy field from the inside out, Michelle lee helps move you through universal messages to take you on a journey to Higher Self Discovery.

Michelle lee has the ability to understand ‘how’ to help open your gateway so you can experience an altered state of being where spiritual insight is clear.

“As usual, awesome session… life changing… timely!  You make a difference
in my life every time I speak with you.” ~ Will H.

As a board-certified clinical hypnotherapist thru the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, Michelle lee is an expert at meaningfully and purposefully helping you connect to your Higher Self so you can experience your own inner-answers.

Voyage with Michelle lee to rediscover and transcend!

If you are open to going deep, can allow Michelle lee to guide (not give you your answers), and agree to do your own inner-work, each of your sessions will be like a mirror that firmly and kindly reflects while pointing you toward your authenticity and revealing your inner-most gifts.

Long-Distance Sessions

~ When the student is ready, the teacher does appear. ~

Higher-Self Connections via the phone are just as effective as in-person sessions so long as you are open to receive, are not too stuck in left-brain “prove it to me” thinking and can trust your Self enough to go deep.

“Even though we chatted via phone, I could feel the energy shift
in the room and in my body.” ~ Erika, Charlottesville, VA

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What to Expect

Prior to your time with Michelle lee, you will receive some electronic information to help get you familiar with your Higher-Self Connections session. It is highly recommended you spend some time deep in reflection before every appointment so you remain more open to receive.

During session, you will most likely experience a higher plane energy coursing through you.  These higher vibrations are of peace and love.  Depending on your current frequency, after the session you may experience an “out there” feeling, so spend some time in silence.  Take a nap or rest if you wish.  Sing or dance if that feels right.  Remain centered, drink plenty of water, continue with transformational breath work, and allow your new energies to adjust and realign.

“My sessions with Michelle have helped me gain great insights which has promoted major positive shifts in my life.  I highly recommend Michelle and will be using her in the future.” ~ Debbie, Phoenix, AZ

Higher-Self Connections include your choice of  bundled package options.  Connect with Michelle lee to learn more.

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Your Divine Purpose

(*Tangible Source – Webster’s Dictionary)

(**A long-distance call may apply.)