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“The beauty of intuition is that it allows you to travel wherever your soul desires.” ~ Michelle lee

Long-Distance Sessions | What to Expect

Soul Journey Guide, Michelle lee is a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist whose work is designed for those ready to expand spiritual awareness.

If you already feel connected to your Higher Self and know how to trust your intuition, you’re most likely here because you have a strong desire to understand your connection to the after-life.

How do you confidently connect with your departed loved ones, your angels, guardians, &/or your spirit guides? Consider Heaven Sent-Awakenings™  — a form of spiritual expression much like meditation.


“I experienced things and senses that were absolutely new and from another dimension . . .  I got to know who my spirit guide was, and it blew my mind. I was feeling thousands of various feelings at the same time. I could feel the spirit’s presence and energy around me, and it stayed with me the whole night and visited me the following night as well. ” ~ Sabina from Sweden

My mom Gayle calls me her “tree hugger” 😉

During each experiential journey, you are an active participant…aware and awake the entire time.


God-Source Conversations

Angel / Spirit Guide Communication

After-Life Connections

If you’ve already learned ‘how’ to trust your Higher Self, can discern the difference between your spiritual Yes’s and your No’s, and now want to experientially connect with an angel or loved one who’s crossed over  . . .

Then you are on the right page!

If you’re quite there yet, then consider Higher-Self Connection Sessions instead.

Why is this necessary?

Because a personal connection with a loved one, an angel, a guardian, or a guide can only occur when you’re connected to God-Source, are willing to bypass the critic, the skeptic, and the prove-it-to-me thinker and are no longer standing doubtfully at the doorway of your subconscious mind.

By being in a higher vibration of God-Source energies, Michelle lee helps create a sacred space for Heaven-Sent Awakenings™ and true Self empowerment.

I love the fairy realm!

Saint Teresa has been known for calling conversations with the divine “locutions” which are known as internal voices of the supernatural that offer heavenly consolation.

Angel is defined as “one of a class of spiritual beings; a celestial attendant of God.” *
Alas the Angels Unearth…
(A Message from Archangel AURORA, whose name means dawn and emergence of light…)
Peace and Love to You Beloved One
You have been drawn here to understand that your angels have been patiently awaiting your permission to offer their majestic wisdom and glorious insights. Please pay attention to their call.
Just like a touchstone, MichelleLee gives validity and voices to your angels. Like an awesome floating satellite, your angels orbit around you, hovering between heaven and earth; Michelle has been created to act as their grounding station. Her energy is such that angelic vibrations can be heard.
Allow her to assist you in bringing forth Source energy so you may awaken to your own inner-light.

“Being steered in your direction wasn’t by accident.  Lots of paths were leading to you! I’m happy my guides have such patience with me!” ~ Cindy S.

Since we all have contracts for free will, heavenly messages cannot come in without your permission.

If you’ve been to a practitioner who has done a ‘reading’ for you, you’ve most likely left still feeing somewhat unfulfilled.

The ultimate goal then becomes learning ‘how’ to do this on your own . . . to step into Self-empowerment and make guess-work true knowingness.

God-Source has allowed Michelle lee to help hundreds upon thousands of clients transform their fears and distrusts.

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Long-Distance Sessions

~ When the student is ready, the teacher does appear. ~

If you’ve had a “reading” in the past and now want to experience the connection for your Self, consider Michelle lee as your Soul Journey Guide.

Heaven Sent-Awakenings via the phone are just as effective as in-person sessions so long as you are open to receive, are not too stuck in left-brain “prove it to me” thinking and can trust your Higher Self enough to go deep.

“It was such a delight to meet you… I can’t even begin to thank you for connecting Mitch and I.  Your incredible kindness will always make me smile from my center.” ~ Sharon from Oregon

If you’re here to work long-distance 1-on-1 with Michelle lee** and still have questions, please click here to read more from our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Connect with a Totem Animal

Since I was very little, I have had a deep connection to totem animals

What to Expect

The important thing is to practice Self-empowerment. To say it another way, this is not about you asking questions of Michelle lee so she will give you your answers. Rather, she will help teach you how to tap into your innate gifts.

***This is about learning to trust God-Source to lead while discerning the difference between your Higher Self and other heavenly energies.***

Before going into session, set a loving intention.  Consider asking God-Source to help you connect with your angels/guardians/guides who can assist in knowing what you most need to learn at this time.

During your session, you will most likely experience a higher plane energy coursing through you.  These higher vibrations are feelings of love and peace.

Depending on your current frequency, you may experience an “out there” feeling after the session, which is perfectly normal to feel. Allow your Higher self time to adjust to this new vibration 12-24 hours after the session. Spend some time in silence. Take a nap or rest if you wish. Sing or dance if that feels right. Remain centered, drink plenty of water, continue with transformational breath work, and allow your new energy to adjust and realign.

“I remember feeling a presence during our session that was the same size or a little bigger than me. I believe it was an angel. My father and my grandmother were also there. I felt very emotional and tears filled my eyes. I woke up this morning feeling happy, playful and excited. I had a new outlook on life and a playful, humorous attitude towards what had been problems before. Your playful enthusiasm is catchy. Thank you.” ~ L. Solomon

Heaven-Sent Awakenings™ include your choice of bundled package options.Connect with Michelle lee and learn more.

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(*Tangible Source – Webster’s Dictionary)
(**A long-distance call may apply.)