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What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the foundation of one’s values. It’s an inner-knowing and a personal journey pertaining to the Higher SELF. It’s a strong personalized connection with the Divine. — For some it may be a walk with nature or for others a long hot bath. It’s an uplifting experience unique to each and every individual. When people are allowed to be their authentic Self, they become more uplifted and content.

How does religion tie In?

Best-Selling Author Michelle lee (Skaletski-Boyd) is a conduit for God/Source (meaning Higher Power, Creator, Universe, and the Divine), and even though some people may find themselves feeling more spiritual when they’re in a place of worship, spirituality cannot be so confined. — This is about being awakened to your Higher Self, being fully present in the moment, and remaining consciously aware of your higher connection to all existence while remaining gratefully humbled to God/Source’s light.

Is it really true Michelle’s a conduit?

Yes, with some we all are! The Corporate Woo-Woo™ has heard messages from a higher plane for as long as she can remember and is very grateful to God/Source for this. Each heavenly sound surpasses the normal range of hearing. By listening and tuning in, Michelle helps open the door to God/Source and helps relay each spiritual message with her clairsentient, claircognizant, clairvoyant, and clairaudient abilities – otherwise known as “clear feeling” “clear knowing” “clear seeing” and “clear hearing.”

Can I be hypnotized?

Take this complimentary quiz to find out for sure.
Can I Be Hypnotized? Take the quiz.

What makes working with Intuitive Medium Michelle lee so unique?

Clinically certified hypnotherapist Michelle lee teaches simple self empowerment, so anyone can do this. She lovingly helps open the door so you can remember your own God-Source gifts. Learn more here.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis was approved by The American Medical Association in 1958 and has been used to assist people ever since. It’s a normal, natural, focused state of relaxation that will help you enhance your well being.

Michelle lee is certified by (IMDHA) International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® – – an internationally recognized organization and the only hypnosis association designed to interface with the health care community and the general public.

According to IMDHA, “Hypnosis is an education communication process to a person’s mind that allows his/her conscious and subconscious minds to come together and believe the same message. The process produces an altered state of consciousness through physical and mental relaxation. The critical faculty of mind is by-passed and the subconscious openly receives the communication. At this time, the senses are in a state of heightened awareness. The mind will only accept that which goes along with the established morals and ethics. The person in a hypnotic state will respond only to suggestions with which he/she is in agreement. Desire, belief and expectancy are necessary for this altered state to have effect in the outer behavior of the individual.”

I’m afraid hypnosis might make me do something I don’t want to do. Will I be awake the entire time? Will I remember everything that happens?

All hypnosis is Self hypnosis. You must be in agreement for suggestions to work… You are the narrator and Michelle lee is your guide.

During hypnosis, you are fully awake and aware. You have much more clarity and insight and are in control the entire time. Nothing happens unless you want it to… emotions, imagination and intuition become fully illuminated as you bring them toward the light.

How old must you be to receive a Soul-Session with Michelle lee?

Michelle lee specializes in working with clients of all ages (6 years to young-at-heart).

Under 18 will require a legal guardian’s permission.

What types of clients does Michelle lee work with?

Michelle lee’s continues to evolve. Her current and past client list ranges from entrepreneurs, to New York Times best selling authors, government officials, corporate professionals, medical doctors, holistic practitioners, police officers, nurses, engineers, stay-at-home parents, and Broadway theatre personnel.

How long are Soul Sessions, and how many will I need?

During your pre-session consultation, Michelle lee will speak with you about how many sessions she thinks you’ll need and will help you trust your Self enough to discern what feels best for you.

Most sessions are 45 minutes each, and some people dip their toe with a group or virtual event to get a taste of Michelle lee’s services.

Depending on your current energy field, it may take three or more sessions to recalibrate your vibration to the point you trust your intuition and allow the shift to commit to cellular memory.

(So as not to form dependency, no more than 9 sessions in a year are allowed.)

How much does a soul session cost?

Click here to see a listing of Michelle lee’s fees.

My loved one passed recently. Is it too soon to connect?

Grief can be difficult on your energetic field. How soon you connect can depend on many factors, so be sure to discuss this with Michelle lee in your pre-session consultation. **

I feel a little scared. Will this effect my session?

A certain amount of nervousness and skepticism are natural; however, when you go in with a closed mind completely, you will block the energy from coming through, and because of freewill there will be nothing Michelle lee can do to help.

When you over-think things you’ll also put up a wall of resistance and get stuck…

So, be trusting, be open, and Enjoy the Experience™ come what may!

Can I get a hypnosis session on the phone ?

Yes, so long as you’re open to receive, can find a quiet place without interruption, are able to put your phone on “speaker,” and can fully relax your SELF enough to trust.

“Michelle lee can tell me, even over a long distance call, what my energy feels like.” ~ Ester of Indonesia

I live in another country. Can we connect online?

Michelle lee works with many clients internationally. Depending on location some will connect with her via phone and others choose to use a platform feature that allows you to log on through your computer. Either way, it’s important you are open to receive, have a reliable internet connection, have headphones and adjustable speakers, and can find a quiet place without interruption to fully relax your Self enough to trust.

What are your office hours?

M-F – 8 am to 3 pm Pacific / 11 am to 6 pm Eastern (USA).

Do you ever take appointments on nights or weekends?

Family is important to Michelle lee, so other than an occasional weekend retreat, she only takes appointments during regular business hours.

How will I know when I’m fully connected to my Higher Self?

The best way to describe it is you’re living with more certainty. Doubt, anger, grief, sadness, or worry no longer weigh you down. You can move along your path with ease. Intentions are loving. The world around you is more harmonious and joyful. You have confidence in your Self and listen to your own intuition by feeling, seeing, knowing, or hearing every soul-felt “pull” with trust and certainty.

What does ‘Acting on Your Intuition’ mean?

Fast Company magazine has stated that “acting on intuition” is the latest trend that will change the way we work and live, so ask your Self… Are you pulled to work with Michelle?

If so, allow her to help lift your spirits and challenge your thinking as you Enjoy the Experience™ along the way.

What can I expect when working with Michelle lee in an in-person group?

That depends on how open you are to receiving.

Michelle lee uses her intuition to customize each session and works with the energy in the room to know how best to connect. By using music, meditation, visualization and personalized stories, Michelle lee opens the pathway with every participant so that every experience is unique, ranging in awareness from light trance to deep.

Does Michellelee  offer an affiliate program?

Yes! She works with several joint venture partners and luminary leaders/speakers so long as their is a good vibrational match. Connect with us here to learn more.

My question wasn’t answered. What do I do?

Connect here and describe what you need.

Cancellation & Payment Policy (full version)

For 1-on-1 Soul Sessions:

New clients must first schedule a complimentary pre-session consultation to ensure working with Michelle lee is a match. Learn more here. ** When you purchase any Soul-Session package you are automatically subscribed to our Soul-Felt Family emails, which you can opt out of at any time.

Once a tentative appointment date has been set, payment must be received via Paypal or the credit card gateway inside of Paypal within 24 business hours in order for the appointment to be held. The only exception is if your appointment with Michelle lee is in-person. Otherwise, all sessions take place in a virtual conference room. It is your responsibility to call in on time using the dial-in #’s we have provided ahead of time. All session times are listed in Mountain time/USA. Any official sessions canceled less than 24 (Monday thru Friday business) hours and prior to the scheduled session will result in an additional $75 non-refundable charge in order to reschedule. This means that if you have a Monday 3 pm Pacific time appointment, you must give us a cancelation notice by Friday 2:59 pm Pacific time in order to successfully cancel without penalty. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your session, you fully understand you forfeit your appointment. Furthermore, missed appointments, late arrivals, and/or early departures are charged the full fee for the appointment with no exceptions.

Should you purchase a single or bundled package Soul-Session and then request a refund, remaining session/s must adhere to the 24 hour (Monday thru Friday business) hours as noted above, and the remaining balance of your session/s will only be refunded back to the original payment source (Paypal or credit card).

By sending payment in full you also agree that should you request a refund after paying for a Soul Session package of any kind, you WILL be charged 50% of any remaining balance, and should not expect a “full” refund for this reason.

In addition to receiving your soul session/s you are also opting in to our Soul-Felt Family emails, which you can opt out of at any time. By sending payment you also agree to the following: Soul-Felt Words/Soul-Felt Journeys/Michelle lee (Skaletski-Boyd) will ALWAYS make every attempt to communicate delays/cancellations due to an emergency; however, in the event of any unavoidable circumstances beyond our control such as phone &/or internet network outages or “Acts of God” which prohibit us from connecting with you &/or conducting a Soul Session as scheduled, you must agree not to hold us liable for any damages that may result, and we will as always do everything we can to reschedule a new Soul Session with you as soon as possible at no charge to you. ~ Namaste

Professional Disclaimers

Best-selling author Michelle lee (Skaletski-Boyd) &/or Soul-Felt Words / Soul-Felt Journeys shall not be liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client/s in reference to the information presented. All services are for educational purposes only and are not intended nor should be construed as medical, psychological, legal, &/or other professional services or advice. Please consult with your primary healthcare practitioner and your own internal-guide before making any new lifestyle changes.

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