Rebalancing Your Chakras: Align Your Energy Fields

Healing Vibrational Sound & Color Therapy
with Built-In Modules for Journaling & Self-Reflection (Immediate Mp3 Download)

Color Therapy When energy centers within your subtle body become out of sorts, it’s always obvious.

Be it a negative experience that leads
to ill-feelings, a loss that keeps you stuck
in grief, or the stressors of every day “life”

Your chakras will let you know when
something’s “off”…

Your mind and body will feel compromised.


And, when one chakra is imbalanced to an extreme, all the others will feel it as well.

Much like rotating gears, you are made up of many wheels and vortexes of healing that control your energy flow. When a chakra becomes bogged down or cut off, you’ll feel off center, disconnected, and misaligned.

This Soul-Felt Journeys Trio Collection has been designed as a restoration for your 7 main energy fields. Using the vibrations of color and sound, this program will guide you to literally tone and color through each of your chakras so they return to natural clarity.

Listen to Sample Audio:

Important Note: If self reflection, drawing, and toning aren’t for you, then please consider another package. This trio requires you be an active participant and do the inner healing through the sound of your own voice and through actual visualization and coloring.

– Upper Chakras:
find your voice, be more clear, manifest your desires, and connect to your own inner-guidance

– Heart Chakra:
hone in on your heart so you can feel pure God-Source love flowing within you again

– Lower Chakras:
confidently know where you stand, reclaim your courage, and step back into your power again

Each ‘experiential’ creation has been designed so you can self-tune your chakras again and again.

By using deep and insightful sound and color therapies that vibrate specifically to the resonance of each chakra wheel, you can literally experience your artistic energies while feeling a deep inner transformation taking place.

Yours for only: $127
(Retails for $291)

**Free Bonus Gift:   A Tone & Color Therapy Guide to Help Express Your Self
Printable Self-Reflection Worksheets to accompany your audio experience (PDF)