Enhance Your Intuition
– Connect With Your Inner-Wisdom –

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Six weeks of experiential mini meditations led by
Intuitive, Michelle Skaletski-Boyd, The Corporate Woo-Woo™ 
This fun new course helps you experiment with different methods of strengthening your intuition.This is an interactive virtual workshop led by Intuitive Michelle Skaletski-Boyd, The Corporate Woo-Woo™ – Using a powerful blend of mini meditative techniques, you now have the opportunity to enjoy guided imagery, drumming, chanting, and automatic writing to name just a few. – It’s a perfect blend of grounding and uplifting so you feel centered, balanced, and more at peace with easy soul exercises from week-to-week.Best of all, it’s specially priced just for you!Call Details

Relax and enjoy a fun mix of mediations designed to help you strengthen and enhance your intuition. As an added bonus, you’ll receive an invitation to join our private Facebook forum where you can share and connect with others of like mind.Since 2006, The Corporate Woo-Woo™ Michelle Skaletski-Boyd has worked with hundreds upon thousands of spiritual seekers throughout the world. Enjoy a unique blend of modern day teachings and powerful indigenous techniques as Michelle uses her empathic and intuitive abilities to teach you how to become Self empowered.

“Michelle’s guidance has fast tracked my development,” ~ Donny S. –  Australia

This Course is Now Full

First online class meets: Tuesday, January 26th at 4:15 pm Pacific/7:15 pm Eastern (USA) 
Who? All levels welcome – Let’s have some fun (prior to beginning this course please have a good idea of your basic clair gifts to include clairaudience, clairvoyant, clairsentient, &/or claircognizant).
What? A 6 week virtual course with a fun mix of mini meditations
(*Includes an Mp3 copy of each recording *)
Where? All participants dial in to a virtual conference room that can be accessed via cell phone, land line, or computer. (A long distance call may apply.)
When? We meet once a week for six weeks for approximately 45 minutes per event. Your first call kicks off:
Tuesday, January 26th at 4:15 pm Pacific/7:15 pm Eastern (USA)
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Why? Because you are seeking new ways of balance and inner peace
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