God-Source & Heavenly Wisdom

Over 3.5 hours of uplifting and informational materials
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As a co-creator, you’re remembering to be humble while also realizing it makes no sense to keep playing smallYou’re beginning to understand you don’t control the “how” but can control your reactions to what you think and feel

You can feel your soul stirring and understand that now is the time to reawaken, re-shift, and realign!

God-Source & Heavenly Wisdom

Each of these deep insightful tracks will help you reexamine your connection to God-Source and help you discover who you are!

Track 1: The Magic of Co-Creation

Webster’s defines create as “To give rise to;
to bring into existence”

  • Learn the difference between co-creating & playing God
  • Find out if heavenly communication is really possible
  • Get tips on calling in the angelic realm
  • Listen to Source connections to heavenly guides
Track 2: The Illusion of Spiritual Separation
  • Powerful ways to nourish and cherish your Self
  • Key techniques for allowing your soul to thrive
  • A moving meditation to move through the illusion of separation
  • Learn to clear out the clutter of questioning who you are
Track 3: Discovering Your Hidden Intuition
  • Unlock the clairs of intuition
  • Follow your longing and your ‘need to know’
  • Discover your unique and inspiring inner gifts
  • Helpful tips for tuning into your inner receptor
Track 4: Secrets of Head & Heart Alignment
  • Learn to get a handle on your 4th chakra energies
  • Discover why too much heart can lead you astray
  • Why blind faith falls flat every time
  • Begin to feel and experience your Self in natural flow
Track 5: Purpose, Positioning & Past Lives
  • Learn to re-shift your positions of uncertainty
  • Discover the one true place your purpose resides
  • Tools for trapped trauma, tragedies, and loss
  • Past life patterns and regression realities


All 5 tracks include powerful guided meditations, real listener experiences, and experiential exercises designed for your subconscious mind.

Each Mp3 contains ‘Live’ recordings from past Soul-Felt events and contains powerful teachings led by the Corporate
Woo-Woo™ Michelle Skaletski-Boyd who has infused them with loving energy to help you uplift and transform.


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“Afterwards I feel centered and recharged.” ~ Inge of Germany

“Something about Michelle made the bells go off in my head . . . She gets straight to the point and allows you to connect directly to the parts of your spirit that need to be expressed.” ~ Erika, Charlottesville, Virginia

“The information from you has reached my soul.” ~ Neva from Canada