Connect with Your Inner-Guide

(Immediate Mp3 Download)

Did you know there are ways to clear the path for your spiritual advisor?

Image3 It’s really true!
From a soul-level you already know this.

It’s why you were guided here.


Using the power of breath, loving intentions, and imagination, you CAN connect with your Inner-Guide so long as you’re open to it and so long as you continue practicing. In other words, this sensational guided meditation has been designed so you listen more than once — continual repetition is a great way to strengthen your intuition.

When you’re willing to practice on your own, you’ll keep going deeper within! This audio is just a taste of some of the work a private Soul sessions with Michelle would do for you.

So, move into sacred space. Open your heart. And learn some spiritual codes and symbols to help you connect to the truth of who you are!

Yours for only: $57
(Retails for $127)