Gaining Self-Trust Through Inner Harmony

This powerful virtual course will rebalance your peace of mind.

Soul-Certainty Course This Soul Certainty program is specifically designed to COLOR and BRIGHTEN your mood.

Are you ready to feel uplifted and HARMONIZED? 

Then follow the sake of your soul. . . 

Your ‘LIVE’ Online Package Includes:

Pre-Requisite Gift (week 1):
 Downloadable Mp3 – Auras & Chakras
as taught by guest speaker Keeta Turner
  • What is an aura? What are chakras?
  • How do you see/feel auras and chakras?
  • How do you open and close your energy field?
  • How might energies be influencing your inner and outer world?
Module 1 (week 2):
LIVE Call with Michelle – Everything is Energy
  • Welcome / Overview
  • The Science of Sound
  • Tuning into the 7 Main Chakras
  • Power of Thoughts and Emotions:  Can you really control how you think and feel?  Does it matter anyway?
  • Entrainment Exercise Using Intuition
  • Interactive Harmonic Soul Activity
Module 2 (week 3):
LIVE call with Michelle – Sustaining Your Transformation
  • Renewing Life Force and Inner Rebalancing
  • Color Therapy:  Chakras and Subtle Energies
  • Scales of Uncertainty: from fear to grief to sadness to doubt
  • How do I use my mind’s eye?
  • How do I release imbalanced energies?
  • Guided Meditation
Module 3 (week 4):
Live call with Michelle – Q&A
  • A Chance to Ask Questions of Michelle


Who Should Attend:

The SOUL CERTAINTY course is definitely for you if you love MUSIC, MELODY,
COLORS, and TONING! Plus, you’ll have me personally guiding you every step of the way to help you release old stuck energies and uplift you into the higher frequencies of SELF awareness and inner wisdom as you learn to use the sound of your own voice and the power of your mind’s eye to create and then sustain a VIVID, uplifting, BRILLIANT state.

Call Details
Your first LIVE teleclass begins January 26th and runs through mid-February 2015.


Who? Designed for those who are feeling unsure and are open to moving ahead (group size small/intimate) SOLD OUT!
What? An Online Virtual Course
(*Includes Mp3 recordings of all ‘Live’ modules *)
Where? All participants dial in to a virtual conference room that can be accessed via cell phone, land line, or computer. (A long distance call may apply.)
When? Event kicks off:
Monday, January 26th at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern (USA) with Module 1. February 2nd is Module 2, and Q&A is February 9th, 2015.
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Why? “I know how powerful the vibrations of sound and color can be, so  I now feel called to share what I know with the world.” ~ Michelle Skaletski-Boyd, The Corporate Woo-Woo ™
How? Secure your virtual seat today by clicking on the “Buy Now” link below.

BONUS:  A beautifully illustrated study guide is also included so you can take notes throughout the course [PDF]

Yes, Michelle, I am open to raise my frequency!

SOLD OUT: $988
(An $1800 Value. Act Now! Course is already half way full.)

By signing up today you’ll automatically receive your pre-requisite ‘Auras & Chakras’ audio that you can download to your computer and begin listening to right away. PLUS, we’ll gift you with a beautifully illustrated Self-Reflection Guide that you can use for note taking throughout the length of the course [PDF version]. (Look for your welcome email once your transaction completes.)


Transformational Books and MP3s

Money Back Guarantee:

Michelle’s special promise to you: Join all LIVE events, complete each module, and if for some reason within 30 days of your purchase you still don’t feel you’ve received value from this work, I’ll make it right by giving you 100% of your money back – no questions asked. And, you still get to keep your bonus gifts.


Participant Comments:

“The thing about Michelle is that she’s very authentic, has a heart of gold and her whole mindset is in helping you, the client. Add her intuitive abilities and you have an unforgettable experience that is mind blowing and empowering.  — She was the only I found who offered the services I was looking for.”  ~ Guy P.  Ontario, Canada

“Michelle helped me open my blocked chakras which were causing me to feel worthless and senseless living in this world. I’m more confident now with myself and know I’m great at my work here in this physical world.” ~ Ester L. Jakarta, Indonesia


Your Intuitive Guide:

Chosen as one of Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Mediums in the Nation, The Corporate Woo-Woo™ Michelle Skaletski-Boyd is an Intuitive and Clinical Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. Since 2006, Michelle has worked with hundreds upon thousands of spiritual seekers around the globe, teaching self-empowerment tools to help others awaken and consciously expand.

*Important Disclaimer:

You are responsible for listening to the pre-requisite recording prior to the start of module 1.  All ‘LIVE’ modules start promptly at 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern (USA). An MP3 downloadable recording of every module will be made available approximately 24 hours after the main event ends. When listening to any audio meditation or guided meditation, you must be in a place where you can safely relax or fall sleep. Never listen to or participate in any session while driving or operating heavy machinery. Furthermore, it is important you understand that Soul-Felt Words Inc., its owners, affiliates, subsidiaries, and its employees are not medical doctors. No product or suggestion offered or given should be used as a substitute for your doctor’s role in monitoring your health nor is designed or intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or disorder of any kind. If you question your own health or emotional issues, you should indeed seek the advice of a licensed doctor or therapist.