A Heavenly Heart Chakra Bloom


Healing Vibrational Sound & Color Therapy
with Built-In Modules for Journaling & Self-Reflection (Immediate Mp3 Download)

Image5 Have you felt angry or heavy hearted?
Are you experiencing grief or physical pain?

Do you feel blocked and unloving right now?

Are you judging and lacking empathy? Or unable to allow your Self to feel?


If you wish you could get things off your chest, have stuffed or suppressed your emotions, have put up a wall to diminish your pain and grief, or are unable to form deep and meaningful connections with others and with your Self, then the energies around your heart center are imbalanced and need some tender loving care.

Your heart is the bridge between the higher and lower energy fields. It’s the center of who you are. It’s the container for laughter, hopes, and dreams. It’s the home of compassion and celebration. It’s the dance hall for joy and happiness.

Important Note: If self reflection, drawing, and toning aren’t for you, then please consider another package. This special audio requires you be an active participant and do the inner healing through the sound of your own voice and through powerful visualization plus artistic renderings.

This ‘experiential’ program is designed so you can raise your own frequency by using deep and insightful sound and color therapies that can be experienced again and again.

Yours for only: $47
(Retails for $97)

**Free Bonus Gift:   A Tone & Color Therapy Guide to Help Express Your Self
Printable Self-Reflection Worksheets to accompany your audio experience (PDF)