Soul Gatherings & Workshops

  “We may laugh, we may cry, we may sing, we may dance… We most definitely will journey within.” ~ The Corporate Woo-Woo™

Soul Journey with Michelle Skaletski-Boyd

Every team needs a place for their spirits to soar.

Awaken your group to the core with Soul Journey Guide, Michelle L. Skaletski-Boyd, The Corporate Woo-Woo™.

Each program is intuitively customized to your specific groups needs: Choose from PathFinding Meditations, to Authentic Communication, to Coaching with Team Spirit to name just a few.

The Corporate Woo-Woo™ is best known for weaving experiential techniques with group discussion to allow a deeper sense of purpose to take form.

Spiritual Renewal

Michelle L. Skaletski-Boyd, C.Ht.  is a three times best-selling author, a Clinically Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and Member of the National Speaker’s Association. She has designed and presented numerous workshops and retreats both online and in person to hundreds of public and private sectors, as well as professional departments within local, state, and federal government. Her inspirational teachings combined with on-the-job experience provides authentic experiences with noticeable results.


A Delightful Way to Bond and Journey with Friends!

  • Share wisdom, laughter and soul-experiences
  • Unconventional and uplifting energy medicine
  • Moving meditation and a time to go within

Be it group activities, (NLP) neuro-linguistic programming, or simply learning to appreciate each other’s unique soul-gifts, each workshop and retreat are intuitively customized with the uniqueness of your group in mind.


Get down to Earth with Soul Journey Guide Michelle Skaletski-Boyd

“I love Michelle’s energy! She did a fantastic job of reminding me to keep myself in balance.” ~ Roberta Diegel, Flathead Job Service

Who Should Attend?

  • • Individuals on a quest for spiritual growth
  • • Individuals open to Self-trust & inner-transformation
  • • Individuals desiring a more spiritually centered life
  • • Individuals open minded and accepting of a deeper connection to Higher Self

Each event varies from one- hour workshops to 3-day intensives.

Get out in nature with The Corporate Woo-Woo™

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