Professional Disclaimers

What kind of speaker is Michelle lee?

Michelle lee has been described as both transformational and inspirational. Since 2006 she has spoken to hundreds of open-minded professionals from military and government appointed officials to bankers, courtroom, and dispatching personnel, doctors, nurses, human resources, and sales. Michelle lee uses her intuition to tune in to every group she is is working with and customizes a powerful message that is sure to last.

What topics does Michelle lee speak on?

Michelle lee’s expertise is in the self-awareness, stress management, and self empowerment fields. (Please click here to learn more)

Is Michelle lee an intuitive?

Yes, and so are you! Intuition is a birth right. By using her intuition, Michelle lee tunes into every audience so she can help teach you and otherparticipants how to adapt to their own inner wisdom.

Michelle lee’s divine purpose is to help others fully connect to their Higher Self in order to live more in balance and on purpose. She tunes into the energies in the room and customizes her presentation to meet your audience where they are.

I heard Michelle lee knows hypnosis. Does this mean she’ll be putting people into trance?

Most likely 🙂  The word hypnosis has many connotations from wizardly trance to comical stage performances. Michelle lee’s use of hypnosis is a mild form used specifically for group guided imagery. Her soothing stories and soul-felt words, along with a gentle combination of proven modalities to achieve whole brain/accelerated learning will ensure you and your audience remain fully engaged and Self aware. Every step is done with the most loving of intentions to ensure participant’s retention remains high and fits the comfort level of your group. (Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation)

I really resonate with Michelle lee. Can you tell me more about her?

Intuitive by nature, Michelle lee is also a seasoned speaker. She has presented to college students, government officials, bankers/financial institutions, military personnel, and non-profit organizations to name a few. As a ten year member of the prestigious National Speakers Association she knows how to cater to her audiences. Therefore, so long as your group can tune in to themselves and are comfortable going within, rest assured Michelle lee can customize a topic appropriate for your group.

What are Michelle lee’s favorite platforms?

Retreats and places of Inspiration
Nature filled outdoor events
Lunch ‘n Learn Workshops with a self-help flair
Mixer Gatherings with others of like-mind

How much does it cost to hire Michelle lee?

Please contact us here for a quote

What are some things we might do in a group session?

Stretching, breath work and interaction to name a few plus guided meditations, shamanic exercises, journaling, dancing and Self reflection.

What does ‘Acting on Your Intuition’ mean?

Fast Company magazine has stated that “acting on intuition” is the latest trend that will change the way we work and live, so ask your Self… Are you pulled to work with Michelle lee?

If so, allow her to help lift your spirits and challenge your thinking as you Enjoy the Experience™ along the way.

What can I expect when working with Michelle lee at an in-person event?

That depends on how open you are to receiving.

Michelle lee customizes each session by using her intuition. She works with the energy in the room to know how best to connect. By using music, meditation, visualization and personalized stories, she opens the pathway with every participant so that every experience is unique, ranging in awareness from light trance to deep.

Does Michelle lee offer an affiliate program?

Yes! Michelle lee works with several joint venture partners and luminary speakers. Connect with us here to learn more.

My question wasn’t answered. What do you recommend?

Connect here and describe what you need.

Professional Disclaimers

Michelle lee (Skaletski-Boyd) shall not be liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client/s in reference to the information presented. All services are for educational purposes only and are not intended nor should be construed as medical, psychological, legal, &/or other professional services or advice. Please consult with your primary healthcare practitioner and your own internal-guide before making any new lifestyle changes.

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