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Enjoy the Experience™ of this mini-meditation, designed to help you know your truth (length 5:30 minutes)

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Michelle: Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed our time together on “air”….I am grateful. Blessings of Light & Love through Sound.”~ Healing Sounds Pioneer, Jonathan Goldman 

Mp3 Interviews


How Energy, Emotions, and Thoughts Can Heal, Harm, or Cure: With World Renowned Author, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Retired M.D.

Why Our Bodies Need Herbs Just Like Food: With Master Teacher of Herbology, Roger Drummer

A Rare Sacred Santémony Channeled Healing: In memory of Integrative Medicine Man & Friend, Andreas Moritz

Why True Consciousness Must Begin in the Physical: With Martial Arts Expert and Qi Gong Master, Dr. Symeon Rodger

Let Go & Love Your Self More: Quickly “let go” of any feeling “on the spot” and learn to be naturally relaxed – an interview with Rebecca Quave.

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